How LifeCubby helped a preschool go digital

There are a number of reasons you should consider going digital at your center with our preschool administration software: it helps streamline communications, creates more engaged families, saves time and money, and much more.

But don’t take our word for it, instead learn about how our preschool administrative software enabled digital communication and encouraged a paperless school environment.

Madison Anderson, the director of Sonshine Preschool in Parma Heights, Ohio, spoke to us about her experience using LifeCubby and shared how becoming a paperless school and incorporating digital communication has made a world of difference.

LifeCubby: How long have you been using our software?

Madison: This is our second year.

LifeCubby: Why are you using LifeCubby to go digital?

Madison: We’re switching from all paper to digital. The main reason is because of access. If I was working remotely, it was difficult for me to pull a student’s file. I also had no way to easily send a mass email to the entire school, so it was difficult and time consuming to copy and paste emails from an Excel spreadsheet and blind copy everyone. So having that functionality is incredible. In this day and age, and with COVID-19, going paperless is the goal. We don’t have to physically hand off things and it helps limit confusion and frustration.

LifeCubby: What features do you use the most?

Madison: Recently, the ones we’re using the most are the incident reports and behavior logs. The incident reports are great because parents can read them on the app, and LifeCubby alerts me if they’ve read them. That’s super important because it lets me know if the parents are engaged.

We also rely heavily on the teacher check-in/check-out. It’s a huge timesaver for both me and the teachers. I can run payroll much quicker and it gives teachers more freedom because they don’t have to come in and write down their hours, and I don’t have to put it in my tracker.

LifeCubby: What LifeCubby feature do your teachers use most?

Madison: Besides the check-in/check-out feature, they’re utilizing the observation reports to great success. The communication with parents has improved so much as a result of it.

LifeCubby: What do your families like most about LifeCubby?

Madison: They really like the observations. And having the observations during COVID has been amazing because parents can see what’s going on in realtime.

LifeCubby: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Madison: [Our customer service representative] Bailey has been the most incredible human being. I tell her that every time I talk to her. The customer service aspect of LifeCubby has been outstanding. As a director, I have a staff of 15 and 96 children, and sometimes I just don’t have time to look into things or try and find a tutorial. For example, she sent me some helpful videos. Then, she offered to upload a spreadsheet of my kids for me, which was so kind and thoughtful. Having someone anticipate my needs is such a huge relief.

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