Six Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

Break out your witch hats and broomsticks because it’s finally time to celebrate Halloween!

At LifeCubby, we know how exciting this time of year is for the little monsters in your classroom. But, when it comes to planning the perfect celebration, finding easy and engaging in-class activities can be difficult.

Thankfully, the former educators behind our award-winning software have years of experience throwing howling-good class parties — and they’ve used that experience to share this list of fun-filled Halloween crafts for preschoolers:

Wrapped up

Bring mummies to life in your classroom using this spooky plate activity from Kids Craft Room. Using a black paper plate, colorful paper and a circle hole punch, you and your students can create an ancient monster with moving eyes that follow their every move. This animated craft will keep your kiddos on their toes and get them excited for the spooky season.

LifeCubby hack No. 1: Use the “bring in” feature that posts onto the daily sheet to remind parents to bring in paper plates.

Winging it

Let your preschoolers get bat-crazy with this coffee filter craft from Darcy and Brian. Not only is it a great intro to reusing and recycling, but it’s also the perfect time to teach your students about bats and other nocturnal animals. Your preschoolers will light up as they take pride in their hard work and creative expression — and they’ll love seeing their bats doubling as classroom decorations throughout the month.

LifeCubby hack No. 2: Add a note about this nocturnal animal activity by using the “talk-to-text” feature in your classroom app.

Painted Potions

This colorful cauldron activity from Glued to My Crafts is perfect for some enchanting Halloween fun. Start making magic by having your kiddos design a marbled masterpiece. Once their splat art is complete, it’s time to add their cauldrons and cast spells with their classmates. For added fun, read Julia Donaldson’s “Room on the Broom” so your little witches and warlocks can learn how to use their bubbling brew.

LifeCubby hack No. 3: Capture evidence of your students working together and tag them for future growth assessments as an observation.

Personalized pumpkins

For knife-free pumpkin fun, try making this jack-o’-lantern collage from Reading Confetti. With construction paper, scissors and glue, your preschoolers can create personalized pumpkin pals. After they’ve been pasted on paper, have your students add a friendly face on each one using materials around the classroom for a stunning jack-o-lantern. The best part about this project? It leaves minimal messes.

LifeCubby hack No. 4: Share photos of your students’ creations with parents using the in-app camera roll.

Spooky Spirits

This ghost printable activity from Thriving Home will knock your kiddos’ socks off. Begin by having your little ones use construction paper to create ghostly figures and add puffy appeal with cotton balls. Once they’re finished, reveal every un-boo-lievable creation by hanging them all over your classroom. For an added element of fun, have students vote on which ghoul is their favorite.

LifeCubby hack No. 5: Did some of your students help you pass out crafting supplies? Send a “great job” alert to their parents so they can be rewarded when they get home.


You can’t celebrate Halloween without a custom wreath from Glitter On A Dime! For this activity, you’ll need your kiddos to color and embellish paper plates with stickers (and any other materials they desire). For hanging, just add two holes at the top of the wreath and tie a bow with a ribbon. Send your students home with their one-of-a-kind holiday décor at the end of the day to share with their families.

LifeCubby hack No. 6: Send parents a quick message to let them know their kid will be bringing their project home.

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