Spring cleaning 101: Tips for organizing your preschool classroom

Spring is in the air which means one thing — it’s a perfect opportunity to declutter your classroom and get organized.

A good spring cleaning can help reinvigorate you and re-energize your students through the end of the school year.

Below are seven tips for sprucing up your space this spring.

Set up cubby spaces

We’re big fans of this one (and not just because of the cubby mention). Cubbies are a great way for students to keep their belongings in one convenient spot. Depending on space and resources, you can use buckets, milk crates, hanging tote bags and more.

Work on the walls

Spring cleaning is a good time to replace old posters and update your bulletin board. Also, while you’re updating your bulletin board, consider replacing the current background with a neutral color fabric (black is great and goes with everything) and a neutral border. Neutral colors will help whatever you post “pop” and will save you time updating your boards throughout the year.

Add a little color

Color coding your classroom is a great way for your students to stay organized and focused. By color coding stations, it’s easier for students to follow directions and quickly identify where they need to go. You can also color code supplies so students are able to easily grab what they need for activities.

Utilize daily prep baskets

Ahead of students arriving in the morning, prepare baskets with the supplies needed for the day’s lessons. While it might take a little planning upfront, you’ll save yourself and your students time trying to locate exactly what they need throughout the day.

Discard debris

Take time to get rid of broken crayons, nubby and splintered pencils, dried out markers, damaged toys and outdated materials. Consider donating gently-used items you can no longer use or that don’t belong to anyone.

Disinfect the room

Use the opportunity to wipe down all the surfaces with disinfectant while you’re clearing the clutter from your room.

Ditch the paper

First, sift through cupboards and cabinets and get rid of outdated or unused lesson plans and other old paper. Next, consider going paperless using LifeCubby to help maintain student records, track daily sheets and more.

In addition to eliminating paper from the classroom, our top-rated software is loaded with all the features you need to efficiently and effectively manage your center’s day-to-day operations.

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