The Importance of Digital Daily Sign in Sheets for Preschool

Daily sheets are an incredible tool for early childhood educators. They allow teachers to capture each child’s daily activity, monitor behavior and track how every student is progressing. They can then be shared with parents for insight into their child’s learning and development.

Unfortunately, “daily sheet” makes a lot of teachers cringe. That’s because detailed paper reporting requires a significant time commitment from teachers, most of whom are already stretched thin. At LifeCubby, we understand that firsthand. After all, we were founded by an actual center owner.

That’s why we developed our digital daily sheets — part of our entire suite of software solutions — to help your center, staff and children succeed.

Here are five reasons why you should leave your paper days behind and transition to using digital preschool daily log daily sheets in your center.

Paper is passé

By eliminating paper and opting for digital, you’ll streamline communication between your staff and parents and ensure the most timely and important information is conveyed seamlessly. Utilizing digital sheets also eliminates the issue (and headache) of parents leaving paper ones behind, which is something teachers are all too familiar with.

Additionally, by going paperless, you’ll save your center money. Transitioning your printed sheets to digital docs can help slash your operational costs.

By getting rid of paper, you’ll also reduce contact between staff and parents which is especially important as we continue to deal with COVID-19 concerns, as well as the upcoming cold and flu season.

Time is money

We’ve all heard the old saying, and it’s true.

When you utilize digital daily sheets, your staff has the ability to fill them out with a click of a button, saving time and eliminating the need to fill out paperwork by hand. Additionally, you’ll free up your staff from having to pass paper versions out during pick-up.

This will go on your permanent record

Digital sheets allow you to quickly and easily refer back to earlier reports and trace the progress of each child.

Early care and education providers play an important role in monitoring a child’s development. It’s important to act promptly if there are worrying issues, such as ongoing behavior problems, which can lead to poor performance.

By leveraging a cloud-based system, your staff and parents can quickly assess students’ behavior throughout the school year and take necessary steps to address concerns.

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks

Digital sheets allow you to track a greater number of activities and provide a more comprehensive picture of each child’s daily activity and behavior. The more insight you can provide will lead to more positive parent relationships and increased involvement, which benefits everyone — especially, the kids. That’s why our digital daily sheets were specially created to provide the most in-depth view of the day as possible.

Elevate your center’s game

Digital daily sheets can be a great way to help your center stand out from the competition. 

First and foremost, effective communication is crucial for a center’s success, and by going digital, you can offer your parents real-time updates and peace of mind that other centers might not be able to. Additionally, by incorporating the latest technology, you’ll increase your perceived quality among current and future clients. Finally, by making your staff’s lives easier, you’ll retain current teachers and attract better talent! 

If you’re ready to bring digital daily sign in sheets for preschool children to your center, LifeCubby is here to help. Click here to schedule a free demo today!