Why one Florida center owner switched back to LifeCubby

If your center is still manually completing tedious tasks (like daily sheets, behavior logs and billing) by hand, it’s probably time to find a childcare management software that can help take your center digital.

But, choosing the right software for your center can be difficult. Some may have all the features you want but require extensive training on the software, while others may be easy-to-use but lack the tools you need most.

We recently sat down with Maria, owner of My First Academy in Florida, who spoke with us about why she selected LifeCubby’s childcare management software for her center — and why, after briefly switching to a competitor, came back to the only software that has the features, functionality and usability she needs.

LifeCubby: How did you first find out about LifeCubby, and how’d you decide to bring it into your program?

Maria: I opened my first center in 2010. In 2015, our staff attended a summit for preschool teachers and LifeCubby [had a booth] there. We started using LifeCubby the following school year and fell in love — and have been using it ever since!

We really like the software because it helps us not only with communication and parents, but also with management tasks. We keep track of everything that’s happening in the center. We are very attached to LifeCubby all the time.

LifeCubby: What made you leave LifeCubby for another software?

Maria: The third center I opened was a low-performing center that we bought out. Because there were already 20 children at that location, I needed to do things differently than I had with my previous two. A competitor I was already using for billing offered me a free 30-day trial for their communication app. I told them it would be hard for me to use something other than LifeCubby, but [in the end] I decided to give it a try since it was cheaper.

LifeCubby: What was your experience like with the competitor?

Maria: We started to use the other software prior to the center’s opening to see if I could get a feel for how I would use it moving forward. Three weeks later (one week after having students back in the building), I called LifeCubby and told them I couldn’t run a center without them. LifeCubby was able to get their software up and running for the new center within 20 minutes.

LifeCubby: What is it about LifeCubby that made you switch back?

Maria: We love the daily sheets, observations, live messaging, emails — everything. I really love their service. We use LifeCubby 24/7. I’d definitely recommend their software to anyone. It’s friendly to use — for teachers, administrators and parents. It’s very visual and parents love how it’s presented!

Want to see what it is about LifeCubby that has Maria raving? Click here to schedule a free demo with our team today!