How one center director used LifeCubby to navigate the pandemic

When it comes to running a successful childcare center, having clear and constant communication between staff and students’ families is paramount. But, what do you do when you can no longer have face-to-face time with parents?

That’s exactly what Nancy from Hope United Methodist in Sylvania, Ohio (and directors across the nation) had to figure out when COVID-19 caused centers to adopt contactless processes.

We recently sat down with Nancy to talk about how LifeCubby’s childcare management software helped during this time, and why it’s a tool she’ll keep around long after the pandemic.

LifeCubby: Why did you choose LifeCubby for your center?

Nancy: When the pandemic hit, we realized we weren’t going to be able to allow parents in our center, and we needed a better way to communicate with families. After looking at all the software in the space, I chose LifeCubby because I really liked the level of interaction teachers could have through this platform since they weren’t going to be seeing each other everyday like normal.

LifeCubby: What features helped you most during the pandemic?

Nancy: I liked that parents had the ability to send notes using the message system and teachers could easily post pictures and observations everyday. By sending parents those photos, it sparked conversations that typically would have happened in-person at the end of the day. We’ve also really used the Vine Assessments. For parents, it helped answer the question, “How is my child doing?”

LifeCubby: Can you tell us a little more about how you’re using Vine Assessments in your center?

Nancy: With Vine Assessments, we add specific observations and have proof of how [students] have either achieved a standard or not met it yet. It validates the assessment process and gives it more credibility since it’s not just the teacher saying, “Yes they can tie their shoe.” Instead, we’ve got pictures and the date we actually saw it happen.

LifeCubby: What features do your teachers enjoy most?

Nancy: Lesson planning and observations! Being able to capture observations daily and in such an easy format makes it a lot easier. You can take it, write a quick note and then come back to it during planning to plug it into the specific area for Vine Assessments. It also shows parents that their students are having fun while learning.

LifeCubby: What LifeCubby features do you use most?

Nancy: I now solely use LifeCubby for email communication at my center, and we’re swapping from another institution to LifeCubby for financial billing. I also love the dashboard! I like that I can access it even when I’m not at school. So, if I’m off-site and there’s an emergency, I have everything at my fingertips — parent numbers, staff numbers, etc. It’s a great platform for total management. I’ve been able to get rid of other platforms and move everything over to LifeCubby.

LifeCubby: How have parents responded to LifeCubby?

Nancy: It’s definitely a selling point for new families. I keep a flyer with me all the time that helps explain how their software connects school and home. Now I’m also selling them on being able to see and pay their tuition online — which is something we didn’t have in the past. I think they’re going to be even happier when they find out about the additional benefits of the program as we roll more out.

LifeCubby: How is LifeCubby’s customer service?

Nancy: I appreciated the training and communication from LifeCubby. Christine has also been a lifesaver. [LifeCubby] is intuitive, but it’s the fact that she trained all of the teachers and put in the time to help. Also, whenever I have a question, I’m amazed at how they’re always right there! I never have to wait for an answer. It’s just been a wonderful experience working with their team.

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