How one Rhode Island center owner went digital

Early childhood educators have countless time-consuming daily tasks at centers. However, many of them can be simplified by automating and digitizing processes — from check-ins to daily sheets to billing to family communication.

We recently sat down with Erica, owner of Family Tree Child Care in Rhode Island, about why she chose to start using LifeCubby, the No. 1 center management software, to help run her program.

LifeCubby: How long have you been working in childcare?

Erica: I’ve been in the field for 22 years. I opened my first center in 2008. Now, I own three.

LifeCubby: When did you find out about LifeCubby?

Erica: I learned about it years ago when I attended Kris Murray’s Child Care Success Summit in Orlando. [Before LifeCubby] I hadn’t used software and did everything manually.

LifeCubby: How has LifeCubby changed life at your center?

Erica: Parents are more informed, which is a plus, and we can send them messages with a click of a button. Teachers now share observations throughout the day using the app. If you’re not tech-savvy, it’s pretty easy to use.

LifeCubby: What features do you enjoy the most?

Erica: LifeCubby’s email blasts have been really helpful during COVID-19 to send updates on exposure and health notices. If we have snow days, and there’s a decision made at 9 or 10 P.M. to open, we can avoid calling parents and staff, which is convenient.

I also love that lesson plans are accessible to parents and teachers. It’s easier for families to see what their kids are doing no matter where they are.

LifeCubby: What do your students’ families like most about LifeCubby?

Erica: They love receiving pictures and videos [of their kids] throughout the day, especially new families who are still getting adjusted. It eases their minds to get a picture of their smiling child having fun.

Parents love “good job” alerts in the app. They always mention they’re excited to see their kids exceed expectations. Since COVID-19 started, there has been less face-to-face time and more dependency on the LifeCubby app to communicate those acknowledgments. The in-app event calendars are also used a lot with parents.

LifeCubby: How has customer service been?

Erica: Bailey is great at getting back to us quickly and answering questions. It’s always possible to get a hold of someone, even after hours. I appreciate working with an owner I can easily contact, and I can tell LifeCubby was developed by someone who ran a center. I feel a sense of loyalty being a woman-owned, small business.

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