How to Make Your Center Contactless with Daycare Software

Ask any staff person in a child care setting what the most time consuming part of their day is, and you will almost certainly receive the same response.

Child care sign in and sign out.

And it’s not hard to believe. After all, think about all that goes into the arrival and departure process every single day.

Before parents and children even arrive, you have to make sure you are staffed appropriately and everyone knows their assignments, you have enough printed sheets and pens ready to go, and everything is organized.

Then, once the kids begin to arrive, your staff has to chat with parents for any relevant updates and try to record everything without missing any critical information, such as a new medication or dietary restrictions, while getting signatures, maintaining accuracy and trying to get parents out the door so they can begin their day.

On top of all that, add tearful children with separation anxiety, chatty parents, bad weather and any number of other challenging situations that can add to the stress of the child care sign in process.

So, who wouldn’t want to be able to check in students with a click of a button?

Below are three reasons why you should ditch the paper and switch over to a daycare software that includes a handy digital child care sign in and sign out function.

The Accuracy of Daycare Software

Missing signatures, incorrect dates and drop-off times, incomplete medication authorization forms, tracking down names of people authorized to pick up children — sound familiar?

Think about all the information your staff has to capture from the moment a parent drops off their child until they are back out the door. And no matter how skilled your staff is or how organized your current check-in process is, there are always headaches when you use paper.

When you implement a digital system through your daycare software, you will smooth the process and eliminate many of these obstacles.

By incorporating a digital system through your daycare software, you’ll avoid missed info and errors, and you will save your staff a lot of time from having to go back and remember details later, add additional info that was missed or correct any inaccuracies.

Having up-to-date and proper information is critical for running a successful child care sign in and sign out process, and more importantly a successful center.

Child Safety & Health

First and foremost, when you incorporate a digital child care sign in and sign out system, you increase your center’s overall physical security, which means more peace-of-mind for parents.

With a touch of a button, parents can easily update information regarding who is authorized to pick up their child.

In addition to the physical security an electronic solution provides, a digital daycare software can also help with the health and well-being of children, staff and parents.

Germs can survive on paper anywhere from a few minutes to five days. So why not avoid one more way of potentially transmitting sickness while eliminating unnecessary close contact required to exchange physical documents?

And if last year taught us anything, it’s that daily health checks are important to keeping a center’s doors open and operating. With efficient daycare software, you can implement daily health checks much easier than trying to write down a child’s temperature, illnesses affecting the child and/or family members and outward symptoms and signs, such as a rash, sneezing or coughing.


You’ve heard the saying time is money, right?

When you incorporate a digital child care sign in and sign out system, you free up your staff to focus on other areas where time can be better spent. Your staff will appreciate you making their lives easier (which could lead to retaining employees longer).

That’s money back in your pocket.

And speaking of cost savings, you’ll avoid all the costs associated with paper, including printer upkeep, toner and more. Also, by switching to a digital system, that means no more having to store paper sheets in clunky binders that take up part of the classroom that could be used for something else (like bigger teacher cubbies).

Contactless child care sign in and sign out is becoming a necessity and is a huge asset for childcare businesses. By eliminating the traditional paper process and implementing a contactless arrival and departure system, you’ll streamline this part of your staff’s (and parents’) day and save everyone time and stress.

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