Why one Ohio center director made the switch to LifeCubby

We designed LifeCubby to be an efficient, all-in-one solution to make life simpler for everyone: center directors, teachers and families.

Afterall, we know firsthand what it takes to run a successful center. Our childcare management software was designed by a center owner, for center owners, like Jeni Hoover.

Jeni, a center director in Ohio, recently took time to speak with us about LifeCubby, why she chose it over her previous software and how it’s made her life easier!

LifeCubby: Why did you make the switch to LifeCubby?

Jeni: The customer service. I loved the fact you could actually call someone and get real results.

LifeCubby: What does LifeCubby offer that your previous software didn’t?

Jeni: The fact that we can do tuition through it is a huge plus. And again, the customer service is unsurpassed. We weren’t happy with our previous software’s support, so the fact that we can email or call with a question and get an answer the same day is amazing.

LifeCubby: What LifeCubby features do you use most?

Jeni: Probably the documentation where we can take pictures and send them to parents. That’s the No. 1 thing families love.

LifeCubby: What LifeCubby features save you the most time?

Jeni: With LifeCubby, the progressions are easy for parents to understand. They don’t have to ask, “what does this mean?” LifeCubby presents everything in a straightforward way that makes sense and saves everyone time.

LifeCubby: What LifeCubby feature do your teachers use most?

Jeni: Besides the photos, it’s the ability to message parents; it’s made them more engaged. For instance, one of our teachers recently did a science experiment with the kids, and she recorded it and shared the video with the families. Also, being able to share newsletters and have easy access to the school calendar. It’s like a one-stop shop for parent engagement.

LifeCubby: How have your center families reacted to LifeCubby?

Jeni: They love it because all the information is one place. They can download the app on their phone and don’t have to go to so many places to get important info.

LifeCubby: Has LifeCubby helped you attract new families? If so, how?

Jeni: Yes! I think it’s the whole package and how easy it is for them to use. If their child asks, “what’s for lunch today?” they can jump in the app and look instead of going online or scouring through emails. It’s made it nice and convenient, and it doesn’t add to their stress.

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